How will Lafourche Parish benefit from a competitive identity?

As the world changes quickly around us, it is important we understand and reinforce the values and heritage that make Lafourche Parish distinct. Without actively managing the desired direction of our reputation, we are vulnerable to factors we cannot control, and as a community, we may suffer from fragmented communications. The goal is to create an authentic place of distinction and a cohesive community voice that can be used by all our stakeholders in a unified effort to highlight the best of what Lafourche Parish offers.

How is this project being funded?

The Bayou Lafourche Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is completely funding this project. No local tax dollars are being used to fund the branding initiative.

How was this process initiated?

The Bayou Lafourche Area Convention & Visitors Bureau identified the need for a purposeful branding direction for the community, not only for growing tourism but also for rallying the entire community behind a central theme. The Bayou Lafourche Area Convention & Visitors Bureau carefully reviewed several proposals from companies experienced in this type of consulting. Eventually, the marketing company Chandlerthinks, proven experts in place branding, was selected to help us navigate through this process.


Will Lafourche Parish residents and businesses have an opportunity to contribute?

In addition to a series of community interviews and focus groups, we will also have an online community survey. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the process. The cooperation, leadership and unity of these organizations will create a new strength and vitality in our community for greater teamwork and growth.

Lafourche Parish is on its way to being a destination of distinction. 

What will the process entail?

This process will be broken into four phases: 
1) Research that explores and uncovers the Lafourche Parish identity; 
2) Development of a competitive identity strategy; 
3) Development of a Lafourche Parish voice and creative platform; 
4) An action plan that provides a detailed program for involving all stakeholders in marketing our new competitive identity. 

How long will the project take to develop?

A research and strategy project of this size typically takes 8-10 months for completion.

How can I be a part of the Lafourche Parish branding project?

For more information or questions, please email Timothy Bush at the Bayou Lafourche Area Convention & Visitors Bureau